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1969 ZINK FORMULA VEE-The car is in very good shape both mechanically, and appearance wise. The fuel cell is fairly new at 3 years old, and the tires and chrome wheels have just completed their 3rd season on the car, with approximately 11 race weekends on them. The tires look like new, as do the wheels, and the rest of the car. It has a Firecharger extinguishing system, and a leather padded seat, and a quick release steering wheel.
The car has placed well in the past with a more skilled (and lighter) driver. Last run at 2018 Blackhawktoberfest, and ELVF. The only reason I am selling is, I am about to have my 5th shoulder surgery, and have had 1 knee replacement, and it is now becoming impossible for me to get in, and mostly out of the car. The car is absolutely ready to jump in and hit the track!
There is a set of 4 spare chromes with tires that you might use for some practices included with the car.  There is also a single axle formula vee type tilt bed trailer with almost new tires, wheels, and LED lighting. It’s in very nice shape.
I have the log books from 2004 thru 2018.
Asking price for the Zink is $8500.00 O.B.O. Cell: 630-669-4194 Email: [email protected]